Optical Smoke Detector

Item No.: AV2010/24a

This smoke detector complies with the European EN 14604 Standard and complies with the requirements of the smoke alarm requirement, which is applied in many regions of Europe. The smoke sensor is always active, so if the limit is exceeded, smoke detection is activated – an acoustic (siren) and optical (red LED) alarm. If the smoke detector is connected to a Smart Home system, smoke detection is further transmitted to the system.

In conjunction with the appropriate smart home systems and applications, the smoke detector can also be used as an indoor siren, for example, in the case of burglar alarm.


  • Smoke Detector
  • 3x 1.5 V Alkaline Standard AA-type batteries
  • Quick Guide
  • Installation Accessories


Place the smoke detector on blankets only. The minimum distance to the walls is 60 cm. On the stairs or in the nested rooms, the smoke detector is connected to the highest point as the smoke rises upward. To assemble, first attach the installation plate to the ceiling and then turn the smoke detector on the base until it snaps into place.


To use this product, you need a Smart Home system that supports ZigBee wireless protocol.

  • Put the batteries in "operation and maintenance" according to the description.
  • Follow the instructions in the Connection Wizard to add new devices that you will find in your Smart Home system's application or Web interface.
    If the Connection Wizard is unavailable, do the following:
    1. Put the Smart Home system in connection mode to add new devices.
    2. Hold the function button on the top of the sensor for about 10 seconds until the red LED illuminates briefly once.
    3. During the search, the LED will light red once every 10 seconds. If the LED flashes 2 times, the device has successfully logged on to your Smart Home system.

Reset or re-learn:
To use the smoke detector in another system or when replacing the gateway or radio device, it is sufficient to follow the process of adding new devices to your system. Once the installation process has been successfully completed, the smoke detector will no longer connect to the system in which it was previously registered.

Operation and Maintenance

To check the function of the smoke detector, briefly press the function button:

A simple double-tone means the smoke detector works properly. Three sounds signal a disturbance. The smoke detector is functional even if it is not connected to a home automation system or there is no connection to the central office.

The alarm transmission as well as the internal siren function to signal a burglar alarm require an active connection to the head office.

To insert or replace the batteries (3x AA), follow the illustrations and pay attention to the correct polarity.

If the smoke detector LED flashes every five seconds, the battery is weak and must be replaced. We recommend the use of high quality alkaline batteries with a long service life.

If the smoke concentration exceeds the threshold for 10 seconds, the siren sounds and the LED flashes rapidly. To silence the alarm, press the function button or, if compatible, reset it through the application of your Smart Home system. For smoke detectors connected, please note that the reset on the smoke detector function button is only possible with the smoke detector that has signalled the alarm. If the smoke concentration remains above the limit after 10 minutes, the audible alarm will turn on again.

The smoke detector calibration is automatic. In the case of false alarms, especially if the smoke detector moves in a room with different ambient conditions than the installation, manual calibration is recommended: Press and hold the function button. A double sound sounds at the beginning, two notes after about 10 seconds and three after 20 seconds. Now release the button, the recalibration will begin.

Customer Service

In case of connection problems, please use SMaBiT smart plugs, repeaters or wall-mount relays in order to increase the range of the ZigBee radio network. For further information and for product support, please consult


Technical information

  • Smoke detection by photoelectric sensor
  • Compliance with EN 14604
  • Integrated Siren 95 dB (A) at 1 metre
  • Self-test button including optical sensor test
  • Power 3 Alkalie AA Batteries
  • Battery life of about 21/2 years, depending on the use of the siren
  • Operating temperature-10 °c to + 50 °
  • Humidity: up to 85% non-condensing
  • Dimensions-105 x 45 mm
  • Weight without batteries 130 g
  • ZigBee Standard Radio HA 1.2, 2.4 GHz

Legal Notices

Made in Taiwan.