Flat Magnetic Contact

Item No: AV2010/21C

Magnetic contact is suitable for monitoring windows and doors to control smart home appliances and scenarios. Due to its extremely compact dimensions, the sensor can be directly glued to the frames of modern windows and many doors, making it invisible when the door and windows are closed.


  • Sensor and Magnet
  • 2-Piece Distance
  • Double-sided Adhesive strips
  • 10x CR1616 Lithium Battery (on device and not interchangeable)
  • Quick Guide
  • Installation Accessories


  1. Red Status LED
  2. Function
  3. Sensor Detection Range
  4. Magnetic stripe


  1. Find a suitable place to install the magnetic contact on the door or window frame. It is crucial that the door or window can still be closed and opened without any problems, even with fixed contact, and that the contact does not hinder the mechanics of the frame.
  2. Since the contact is attached with adhesive strips, make sure the surface is clean. If necessary, clean the surface with a grease solution detergent before proceeding.

  3. Remove the double-sided adhesive strip from the magnetic contact.

  4. Connect the sensor and the magnet. With a short but firm impression, it can prevent detachment. When placed, make sure that the adhesive strip in the closed window touches the area marked on the sensor (3) or comes very close to it (maximum distance between the sensor area and the 15mm magnet).


To use this product, you need a Smart Home system that supports ZigBee wireless protocol.

Follow the instructions in the Connection Wizard to add new devices that you will find in your Smart Home system's application or Web interface.
If the Connection Wizard is unavailable, do the following:

  1. Put the Smart Home system in connection mode to add new devices.
  2. Use a pointed object to hold down the function button (2) of the magnetic contact for 10 seconds until the LED (1) Flashes 1 time.
  3. During the search, the LED will light red once every 10 seconds. If the LED flashes 2 times, the device has successfully logged on to your Smart Home system.

Reset or re-learn:

To use the sensor in another system or when replacing the gateway or radio device, it is sufficient to follow the process of adding new devices to your system. Once the installation process has been successfully completed, the sensor will no longer connect to the system in which it was previously registered.


It is not possible to replace the batteries of this device.

Customer Service

In case of connection problems, please use SMaBiT smart plugs, repeaters or wall-mount relays in order to increase the range of the ZigBee radio network. For further information and for product support, please consult


Technical data

  • Wireless door and window contact
  • Up to 15 mm distance between sensor and magnet
  • Power 10x CR1616 3V Lithium battery
  • 8-year battery life
  • Operating temperature-10 °c to + 50 °c
  • Contact Dimensions 238 x 21 x 4 mm
  • Weight without batteries 20 g
  • ZigBee Radio Standard HAS 1.2-2.4 GHz

Legal Notices

Made in Taiwan.