Wall-mount Relay

Item No.: AV2010/18

Recessed actuator with switch to turn electric consumers on and off through the intelligent Home System application or a connected button. It also functions automatically as a radio amplifier for the ZigBee radio network.


  • Wall-mount relay
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Please note that the wall-mount relay is powered by the supply voltage. All work on lines and devices with supply voltage can only be carried out by an electrician.

The wall-mount relay allows you to turn on and off electrical consumers (lamps, electrical appliances,...). The maximum load is 10A (2, 300W to 230V). Due to the European regulations and for your safety, a protection switch is activated in case of considerable overload. The product can no longer be used.

The wall-mount relay functions as a radio amplifier for the ZigBee radio network. A ZigBee device, such as a smoke detector, and the Smart Home Gateway or QIVICON Home Base do not necessarily have to be in the direct wireless range. It is sufficient to have one or more smart plugs on the route between the device and the head office. The radio signals are transmitted through the optimum radio distance from the transmitter to the receiver and vice versa. This allows you to extend the wireless range of your ZigBee network almost arbitrarily. This function is automatically activated and does not depend on the switching status of the wall-mount relay.

  1. The recessed actuator is usually installed in suitable recessed boxes. However, other installation locations are also possible, as long as the electrical safety and protection of the cables and connections is guaranteed. If you want to place the actuator in the same recessed box as, for example, a light switch, make sure that the discharge box is sufficiently deep.
  2. Set the supply voltage (AC 230V) to the terminal "AC Power" 's L and N connections.
  3. Connect the consumer to the terminal "Load" 's L and N connections.
  4. If you want to connect an external button, you can connect it to the two connectors of the "switch" terminal:
    • A connected button turns the wall-mount relay on or off when the button is pressed.
    • A connected switch activates a switching action (on/off) whenever the switching state changes.
  5. The recessed actuator button can be used to turn the relay on and off by pressing short.


To use this product, you need a Smart Home system that supports ZigBee wireless protocol.

  • Connect the recessed actuator to the power supply.
  • Follow the instructions in the Connection Wizard to add new devices that you will find in your Smart Home system's application or Web interface.
    If the Connection Wizard is unavailable, do the following:
    1. Put the Smart Home system in connection mode to add new devices.
    2. Press and hold the function button for about 10 seconds until the red LED illuminates briefly once.
    3. During the search, the LED will light red once every 10 seconds. If the LED flashes 2 times, the device has successfully logged on to your Smart Home system.

Reset or re-learn:
To use the wall-mount relay in another system or when replacing the gateway or radio device, it is sufficient to follow the process of adding new devices to your system. Once the installation process has been successfully completed, the Smart Plug will no longer connect to the system in which it was previously registered.


Change the wall-mount relay
  1. About the Smart Home system
  2. Through a button connected to the "switch" input of the actuator
  3. Using the Actuator Function button

With the local control, either through a connected button or the Actuator function button, each pulse changes the actuator's switching state. The red status LED lights up each time the actuator is turned on.

Customer Service

In case of connection problems, please use SMaBiT smart plugs, repeaters or wall-mount relays in order to increase the range of the ZigBee radio network. For further information and for product support, please consult


Technical data

  • Wall-mount Relay
  • Maximum Power 10A (2, 300W to 230V)
  • Repeater function for other devices in the ZigBee radio network
  • Function button and red status LED
  • Power: 230V ~ 50Hz
  • Standby power consumption: 0.4 W off, 0.9 W on
  • Operating temperature:-10 °c to + 45 °c
  • Humidity: up to 85% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 51 x 48 x 20 mm
  • Weight 45 g
  • ZigBee Standard Radio HA 1.2, 2.4 GHz

Legal Notices

Made in Taiwan.