ZigBee USB Radio Device

Item No.: AV2010/10

The ZigBee USB radio device can be used to use ZigBee devices that run QIVICON Home Base 1 and Telekom Speedport Smart. The product is not compatible with QIVICON Home Base 2. You can still use the wireless Stick with another OpenHAB-based system.


Home Base 1:
Remove the side cover from the base of the house and connect the radio device to one of the 3 USB ports. Once installed, close the lid.

Speedport Smart:
Connect the AV2010/80 USB hub to the Speedport Smart USB port. Then place the radio device in one of the two USB ports of the hub.

After connecting the radio device to the startup base or through the hub to the Smart Speedport, the installation process starts automatically. The radio device may take up to 15 minutes to operate. Do not unplug the radio device during this time. Installation is possible during normal operation of your Smart Home system: You do not need to shut down the gateway or restart.

The blue status LED always lights up when the radio device is connected to the start base or the Speedport Smart. During a device firmware update, the LED turns off. This update is carried out automatically, especially during the initial installation.

Technical data

  • ZigBee USB Radio device with 2.0 USB connector
  • The Silicon Labs Ember 3587 Wireless Module
  • Silicon Serial-to-USB Labs CP2104 Adapter
  • Dimensions 72x26x864 mm
  • Weight 15.5 g
  • Transmission Power 20 dBm
  • 1 LED for status display
  • Matt White Color

Legal Notices

Made in Taiwan.